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Sikvalandsveien 43
4342 Undheim

Org No. 988934852

Contact information:
Tel .: +47 51 48 44 03

Personal data processed. 
First name and last name
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What is personal information used for?
The company uses the personal information to handle your customer relationship with us. We may use your information for the following purposes:

  • To process inquiries
  • Make inspections if desired
  • Ev. order merchandise
  • Ev. send invoice
  • To test and improve the systems we use to offer services
  • To be able to communicate

The information we receive will be used to contact you and we will only collect information that is necessary for the relevant purpose for which it is to be used.

Disclosure of personal information
We do not sell personal information for marketing purposes to other companies. We can only share your personal information in the following cases:

  • With third parties, when ordering includes goods delivered by third parties
  • With a third-party supplier who performs tasks or work on our behalf and according to our instructions
  • With public authorities or agencies when required in accordance with legislation, court decisions or final decisions from the authorities.

Where is your personal information stored?

Your information is stored in our computer system. We have good security for this and only necessary personnel have access to relevant information.


We use Google Analytics to measure the number of visitors, which pages are most popular, how long the visits last and other related information.

This information is anonymised as far as possible via Google Analytics' tools, and it is only used to give a holistic impression, we do not identify individuals through statistics collection.

Read more in the privacy statement from Google.

We use the Google Adwords advertising system. With AdWords, advertisers can reach people who are actively searching for their products or services in the Google search engine. 

Here you can read about how Google AdWords uses cookies.


Cookies. How we use cookies.
We use cookies to provide you with better services. Some cookies are absolutely necessary for the functionality of the website, while others are used to improve the performance and user experience.

Functional cookies are used to: - remember your login information - ensure security when you are logged in - ensure that the website works well for you as a user.

Performance cookies are used to: - Helps the web pages load faster and improves the user experience.

Targeted cookies are used to: - let you share and like content - send information to other websites to customize their advertising

Examples of use
Cookies are used to make your services even better, for example by: - activating a service that recognizes your device, so you do not have to enter the same information several times - remember that you have already entered your username and password when you are logged in to the pages , so you do not have to do it again for each page - measure how many people use the services, so we can make them easier and faster - analyze data to help us understand how you use services online, so we can improve them

If you do not allow us to use cookies, certain functions and the websites will not work properly. If you want to delete cookies that are already stored on your computer, you must follow the instructions for the browser by clicking on Help in the menu.

You can read more about cookies and how to use them or by clicking Help in your browser.

Third-party tools - Third Party Content
Sometimes we publish videos, images or other content from other third party websites. Such content may treat the visitor as if they were on the content's own website and it may therefore happen that information is stored or statistics are obtained from these third parties.

What rights do you have?

  • You can request that we delete your personal information from our register. We may not delete data that the law requires us to retain.
  • You can request a correction of your information if you consider it incorrect.
  • You can request a copy of the personal information we have about you.