Uniarm 1500. Sign washer for small trucks.

UNIARM 1500 is the sign washer with the great possibilities. Can be used for washing signs and edging posts, gutter thawing, soap application, pipe rinsing and technical washing of tunnels. UNIARM 1500 replaces our UNIARM 400. It has the same components and functions, but is built in a new frame that has greater possibilities for various additional equipment.

Sign washer with great possibilities

New applications and tools are constantly being developed, and tools are made according to the customer's needs.

Uniarm 1500 is available in two editions

Uniarm 1500A - 1600/3200

Uniarm 1500B - 1600/3200

Several different tools for washing

Various tools can be used for washing. New tools are constantly being developed according to the wishes and needs of the users of the Uniarm 400.
All washing tools have hot water circulation and can be fitted with a soap nozzle.

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Hydraulic drum with 100m hose for flushing pipes.

We can now offer spare parts box for Stickset 500 and Stickset 200. This is a solid box in wood that contains the most important and most exposed parts on the machine. Parts that are easy and quick to replace, but which can stop the machine for several days if the accident is first out.
With the box, you have an overview and control of the parts that you should have lying around.
An overview with part number makes it easy to keep control and to order a new one when you use the parts at checkout.

Soap lance for tunnel washing.

Uniarm 400 can be used for many things,
like putting soap on a tunnel wall.


When clearing e.g. roundup, lance is used as shown below.
Spray is mixed in a 1600 liter plastic tank on a washing module.