Sign washer for large trucks and tractor.

Sign washer that is well suited for large trucks and tractors. Efficient washing tool with good capacity. 


Uniarm 700 together with Washing module 401 has the same functions as Uniarm 400. Uniarm 700 is a further development of the arm on our machine Uniarm 400, which must be mounted on the back of the loading platform on small trucks.

Uniarm 700 is mounted on a plow attachment on large trucks or tractors. The arm weighs only 700 kg, is very flexible and has a wide range. Outer arm with attachment for tools is completely identical on the two Uniarm 400 and 700.

The arm is driven by hydraulics on the vehicle or hydraulic unit.
Operation with multi-function joystick, (same as on Uniarm 400), possibly touch screen for operation of associated equipment such as tunnel washer or sign washer.

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Uniarm 700 mounted on a tractor for use in sign washing etc.