Stickset 500

Stickset 500 provides automatic setting and recording of plow sticks. The machine is light and compact, and does not extend beyond the width of the vehicle during transport. Patented grip claw gentle on the sticks, no adjustment according to the stick diameter or stick length. 

Automatic deployment and removal of snowsticks.

Easy magazine filling, the plugs are picked automatically. Steering funnel controls the woodpecker and the stick, safe setting, depth control. 

Hydraulic sledgehammer makes holes, effective even on rough crushed stone and rocky surfaces. Flexible front mounting frees up space for the TMA at the rear of the vehicle.

We now have over 285 machines in operation in Norway, Sweden, Finland, Germany, Switzerland, France, USA.

Proven machine with good capacity

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Spare part box

We can now offer spare parts box for Stickset 500 and Stickset 200. This is a solid box in wood that contains the most important and most exposed parts on the machine. Parts that are easy and quick to replace, but which can stop the machine for several days if the accident is first out.
With the box, you have an overview and control of the parts that you should have lying around.
An overview with part number makes it easy to keep control and to order a new one when you use the parts at checkout.


Automatic and efficient setting of plow sticks in frozen ground.
Easy installation. Efficient drilling

Traffic warning sign

Effective notification
Easy installation
Finished connection.
Alternating lamps.
Can be folded.
Strong steel construction.