High pressure washer

Washing module 401 is a powerful self-propelled hot water washer. it can be used for high pressure washing, thawing of gutters, cleaning of drains.

Powerful self-propelled hot water washer.

The washer is a powerful self-propelled unit with a large water tank and closed glycol system. It can be convenient to take the module on a smaller car for manual cleaning, thawing of gutters, roof cleaning, washing the toilet and the like.

The washing module consists of a 1600 liter plastic water tank, a complete diesel-powered hot water washer, and a manual washing drum with a 20 meter hose. The module also has extra outlets with quick coupling outside the hose reel. Additional modules with water tank 1600 liters can be connected to the washing module.



The module has its own tank for glycol / antifreeze to be able to defrost the system if the module has to be left out in the freezer. Glycol is returned to the tank after use.

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